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VIDEO: Woman caught smuggling cocaine in her 'dreadlocks'

Posted: 16/12/2011 12:48 PM
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A SOUTH African woman who was allegedly caught attempting to smuggle cocaine, concealed in her dreadlocks, may face the death penalty.

Nobanda Nolubabalo was arrested and held in Thailand after customs officers noticed a suspicious white substance in her hair after she alighted flight from Brazil, it has been reported.

Officials are said to have found the drug, which is believed to have a street value of £93,000, matted in the 23-year-old's hair on Monday (Dec 12).

"A search found traces of white substance which turned out to be cocaine," officials said.

They added: "A total of 1.5kg of cocaine was found hidden in her hair."

Nolubabalo is said to have admitted she had been hired to work as a drug mule by a Thailand-based businessman for £1,200.

If convicted she risks a death penalty.

Thailand has some of the toughest sentencing for drug traffickers in the world.