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VIDEO: World’s youngest DJ, aged 3, wins South Africa’s Got Talent

Oratilwe Hlongwane, more popularly known as DJ Arch Jr, walks away with $35,000 prize money and an international fan base
Posted: 10/11/2015 06:40 PM
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WHILE MOST boys his are learning the alphabet, three-year-old Oratilwe Hlongwane is mastering his mixing skills on the decks.

The toddler, more popularly known as ‘DJ Arch’, solidified his musical maestro status after he was crowning the youngest winner of South Africa’s Got Talent.

DJ Arch Jr, whose father Glen is an amateur DJ, walked away from the popular show, South Africa’s answer to Britain’s Got Talent, with $35,000 prize money and an international fan base.

His mother, Refiloe Marumo, credits his astounding success on the decks to his father Glen Hlongwane’s decision to buy an iPad for his then unborn son.

Mr Hlongwane, a gymnastics coach, had planned to download educational apps to speed up his child’s education but also downloaded a disc jockeying app for himself

But when he was just one-year-old, the talented youngster learned how to use the gadget and started fiddling about with his father’s DJ app.

The toddler’s skills on the decks become a viral hit after his father posted videos of him online in January.

Following his son’s win, Mr Hlongwane admitted he was “blown away” by his performance.

“You know, for a three-year-old I’m just blown away,” he said shortly after his win. “Never mind him winning the competition, the fact he stood on stage, did a set, finished it and still clicked stop. I don’t know any other three year olds who would stand there without their parents.”

Touted as the 'World’s Youngest DJ', the young talent boats over 49 fans on Facebook and endorsements from Guess Kids and Beats By Dre.