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VIDEO: Young gymnast wows judges with hip-hop inspired routine

Lloimincia Hall scores perfect 10 for her impressive floor work
Posted: 09/04/2014 12:11 PM
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YOUNG GYMNAST Lloimincia Hall left judges mouths agape during her impressive floor routine during a recent competition.

The athlete, a student at Louisiana State University (LSU), danced to a backdrop of Maxwell’s Ascension among a toe-tapping mix of other popular songs for her winning routine against Alabama filmed back in January, which has now gone viral.

In the NCAA Baton Rouge Regional on Saturday (Apr 5), Hall earned her third perfect 10 of the season on floor to help the LSU gymnastics team capture the title, but it was her routine from earlier in the season (Jan 31) that has captured the attention of the online community.

“My phone kept blinking. I was getting tagged on Facebook and there were about 15 emails on this one video,” Hall told a US news site.

By Tuesday night, the video had more than 370,000 views on YouTube. But Hall’s disdain for the website’s original headline of the video, which referred to her as the “baddest bitch alive,” quickly overcame her initial flattery from people’s responses.

“I didn’t mind people posting the video and letting it go viral, but I did not like how the title used the B-word to describe me,” Hall said. “What I believe in is Christ, and I didn’t want to damage His name by being connected to language of that nature.”

Having grown up in a pastor’s household, Hall was concerned the video’s title would misrepresent her religious beliefs. When she realized how rapidly the video was spreading, Hall said she posted on her Facebook account expressing her frustration over the title and asking that it be changed.

“I think they meant to use it in a positive way, but that word has such derogatory and negative meaning to it,” Hall said. “I’m not a negative person, and I’m also not someone who looks at that word in a positive way.”