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VIDEO: Young N Hungry talent exposed

Episode two of our new series celebrating diverse achievements of today’s creative youth
Posted: 04/03/2015 04:12 PM
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VOICE ONLINE brings you the second episode of our Young N Hungry series in association with We Be Fly TV.

Highlighting the positive creativity of today’s youth Young N Hungry is the brainchild of Essex and east London rapper Kid Gospel.

Frustrated with the fact that it can seem almost impossible to get on to some of the more established youth orientated YouTube channels like SBTV and Link UP TV, Kid Gospel started his own platform to give others a chance to shine.

Four years after the start of We Be Fly TV, Kid Gospel felt it was important that the channel reflected the diverse achievements of today’s creative youth, which in his words, ‘extends beyond just spitting or singing into mic’.

“We started out just doing music like the other channels, I wanted to build a following and it was best I stuck to what I knew and was known for,” said Kid Gospel.

He continued: “I always had the plan to diversify content shown on the channel. I feel the youth do so much more than just spit and sing. We’re doing it all. From sports to fashion, the arts and politics, young people are making waves in a lot of different areas that don’t usually get a mention.”

Subscribers to the Voice Newspapers YouTube channel will have seen the first episode of Young N Hungry featuring Caelen Miller, a nine-year-old aspiring cyclist.

Kid Gospel says it’s young boys and girls like Caelen he wants to shine a light on.

“We all need support,” said Kid Gospel or KG as he prefers to be called.

He added: “The love you get from your peers when your work is profiled on a channel like mine is good for the individual. It’s also good for those who don’t have anything positive to say about todays youth. They can click on We Be Fly TV any time they want and see young men and women from all walks of life building a future for themselves, getting on with it.

“Partnering with Young Voices was natural for me. The Voice gave me my first big piece of exposure six years ago and being a former Young Voices online columnist while I was still at school was a fantastic experience.

“They have been a constant support and I just hope we can do the same thing for other people trying to achieve their dreams.”

You can view the first and second episodes of Young N Hungry, featuring the designer of Dirrty Swag Clothing, on our YouTube channel.