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£24 a day to drive into central London

DIESEL DRIVERS will not be punished as so-called toxin taxes are expected to be rolled out in cities across the country, the Prime Minister has said.

Theresa May indicated there could be financial help for motorists who are facing higher city congestion charges and road taxes despite being encouraged by previous governments to buy diesel.

Motorists who in the past opted for 'dirty diesel' now face difficulties selling their cars - and the prospect of getting very little for them. The Prime Minister said she would take into account that drivers were encouraged to switch from petrol to diesel under Tony Blair’s government because it was considered better for the environment.

Her comments suggest that a scrappage scheme could be under consideration, which would give diesel drivers financial incentive to change to less polluting cars.

The comments come at the same time as London Mayor Sadiq Khan's announcement that he plans to charge diesel drivers £24 a day to drive into central London from 2019.

Around 10 million drivers of older diesel vehicles are expected to be hit with pollution charges of up to £20 a day under Government plans to meet EU air quality limits. Ministers have to publish new plans by the end of the month after courts ruled the current plans are not sufficient to meet clean air levels.

Mrs May said:

“In relation to the issue of diesel cars, obviously we will be producing a new air quality plan. We’ve been required to do that by the courts.”

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