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‘Dads should be getting all the help they need'

CHANGING LIVES: Tapiwa Madovi wants to help struggling fathers who may feel lost in life

MEN WANTING advice on how to be great fathers will be pleased to know that help is at hand – via a new podcast. Fathers ‘n’ The Hood is the brainchild of Christian entrepreneur Tapiwa Madovi, a father of two and member of The Rock Church, Stratford.

Now aged 38, entrepreneur and philanthropist Tapiwa had two children by two different women at the age of 19.

Tapiwa had lost his father at an early age and had no idea what positive life-affirming fatherhood looked like, and learnt through trial and error.

However, he hasn’t done too badly in the face of adversity. Despite the difficulties he experienced along the way, including not always having the finance needed to support his children or knowing how to meet the needs of the mothers of his children, Tapiwa has overcome hardship and become a positive role model for other struggling fathers. He has good relationships with his daughters, and both of them are studying at university, and also have their own businesses.

Issues covered in the podcast include fatherhood, how to better parent your children and overcoming challenges.

Tapiwa is intrigued by the lessons we can learn from each other, which is one of the reasons for the podcast’s creation.

He has a heart for inspiring and empowering men to be the best that they can be with a particular focus on shifting culture and enhancing fatherhood.

“I feel that fathers lack support systems, especially younger fathers, and I wanted to help in rectifying that,” he said.

For more information on the podcast and Tapiwa’s story, visit, or follow @fathersnthehood on Instagram and Twitter.

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