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‘Help me save my partner’s life’

HAPPIER TIMES: Veta Wade with partner George Allen.

VETA WADE is praying for a miracle. The 32-year-old, who moved from London to Caribbean island Montserrat last September, has spent the last two months watching her partner fight for his life after being shot in the head.

Family members and local authorities found her partner, 33-year-old George Allen Jr, nicknamed Ezra David, in Carrs Bay north Montserrat with a bullet in his brain on March 18, one day after he went missing.

Doctors in Antigua, where they were unable to treat him, had not expected him to live, said Wade, an event planner. But Allen beat those odds and is now at a hospital in nearby island Trinidad, because Montserrat is unable to offer him adequate medical care.


When Wade visits his bedside, there are many things that run through her mind -memories, hopes and dreams wrapped up in a loving relationship that was blessed with the recent news they were going to have a baby.

Now four months pregnant, Wade is living in fear. She is worried she may lose the man she loves and that her baby will not get to see his or her father healed - unless kind-hearted people dig deep and help her to give her partner the best Fathers’ Day present, the gift of life.

Wade needs help to raise US$100,000 (nearly £64,000) to pay for an air ambulance to transport Allen from the Caribbean to London, where specialists can give him the long term care he needs.
Wade said they need to raise the money by June 15 so Allen can access treatment in London.

“We need to raise US$100,000 to get him medivacked from Trinidad to London,” Wade said. “We have raised EC (East Caribbean) $10,000 (just over £2,300). We are far away from our mark and we have got to do it within that time.”

She said: “He cannot be taken any other way in his condition. He is still on a ventilator. Because there is a bullet lodged in his head, the plane has to fly at a certain pressure level and he would need to be supported by a doctor and two nurses.”


The stress has taken its toll on Wade, who has been hospitalised twice. Her pregnancy has also been complicated by an existing medical condition in Montserrat, a country lacking sufficient medical machinery such as ultrasounds and experts in areas such as gynaecology and neurology.

“It’s been a long road,” recalled Wade, who first realised something, was wrong when Allen did not answer his phone.

“He never does this,” she said. “I think it was my worst night. But I was very thankful to God that he was alive.”

She recalled: “That (first) evening the doctors said they did not think he would live. I don’t know how to explain the pain, the frustration. Just total despair. It was horrific. I thought I was going to collapse.

“When you feel like you’ve received a blow to the chest and you can’t breathe it’s that kind of feeling sometimes. But he is strong and he is fighting for life and we are just hoping we can get him the best medical treatment possible.”

She said doctors have said it will be six to 12 months before they know the extent of the healing of the brain.

“The only real rehabilitation is long term treatment. We want the best chance of him having a normal life as possible (and) want him to have a chance to live, love and laugh and again,” she said.

“There’ s huge power in unity. If we all give a little bit, it would make such a big difference to our lives and it is not just me but it is his whole family who love him every much. These are times when we can pull together and really make a difference. I am just hoping people will be moved and will be willing to help us.”

To help George Allen Jr. donations can done via the following web site:

People are interested in pledging money can also email: medivacezradavid@

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