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$1 settlement for black men arrested in Starbucks

PICTURED: Rashon Nelson (left) and Donte Robinson (Image: GMA/ABC)

DONTE ROBINSON and Rashon Nelson, the two black men who were arrested in Starbucks as they waited for a friend, have accepted a $1 (74p) settlement from the city of Philadelphia.

Robinson and Nelson’s unprovoked arrest in a Philadelphia Starbucks last month drew international interest and prompted the coffee shop chain to announce it would close on May 29 so that around 175,000 employees could receive anti racial bias training.

In addition to the symbolic $1 settlement, city officials have also promised to set up a $200,000 programme for young entrepreneurs at the request of both men.

Speaking on Good Morning America, Robinson said: “I want to make sure this situation doesn’t happen again.

“What I want is for a young man or young men to not be traumatized by this; and instead, motivated and inspired.”

Robinson and Nelson, both 23, have also reached a financial settlement with Starbucks for an undisclosed amount.

Kevin Johnson, the CEO of Starbucks, said: “I want to thank Donte and Rahson for their willingness to reconcile.

“I welcome the opportunity to begin a relationship with them to share learnings and experiences. And Starbucks will continue to take actions that stem from this incident to repaid and reaffirm our values and vision for the kind of company we want to be.”

Starbucks also offered the men the opportunity to complete their undergraduate tuition at Arizona State University with full fee coverage.

A Starbucks manager called the police as the pair – who had not purchased anything – were waiting in the coffee shop before a business meeting.

Officers arrived and told the pair that they had to leave and then arrested them.

Robinson and Nelson spent hours in a police cell. Charges of trespassing and creating a disturbance were dropped and their arrests have been expunged from their records.

The two men have been widely praised for their handling of the situation.

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