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10 year old boy self publishes his first book


JUST FOUR years after arriving in England speaking very little English, a Dutch-born, Birmingham-based schoolboy is winning plaudits for writing and releasing a book.

Destin Payne, still only 10, has stunned his mother Francisca, friends and teachers at the Woodhouse Primary School in Quinton, which he attends with the release of his self-published, futuristic adventure story, The Party Crashers: The Blue Sphere.

Set in the year 3098, the 36-page book tells the tale of a boy who invited his whole class to his birthday party only for it to be interrupted by unwelcome aliens in a spaceship. With the aid of five friends, the fearless children decide to confront the invaders and fight back to save the world.

Rich with dialogue which demonstrate his rapid command of the English language, the book came about by accident, as Payne swapped very short stories via WhatsApp messages with his friends for fun. As the stories got longer and his friends more enthused, his 12 year old sister encouraged him to turn the messages into a full story.

His mother Francisca told The Voice: “My first knowledge of this was when my daughter Candycia asked me if I had read Destin’s stories! When I did, I couldn’t believe it and asked if he actually wrote it. He’s not shown this type of skill before. It was so cool, I thought, ‘wow!’ Destin is in the top group at school for his writing. He always tries hard, and dedicates himself to work but I did not see this coming!

“The reaction we have had about the book is amazing. We have been congratulated so much. Candycia has been promoting it in her school and it has been read in her class.
I’ve been invited to Destin’s school to speak about writing. I’ve heard from people who stopped writing but have been inspired to start again because of Destin’s success. A mother of one of the pupils has asked me to help her daughter write her own book.”

Albeit early, perhaps Payne was always set to show literary prowess: his mother, a life coach who attends the Elim Pentecostal Church in the Weoley Castle area of Birmingham, published a self-help book in 2015 which documents her own journey from building up an escort business to inspiring women to improve their lives.

Payne, who speaks fluent Dutch with grandparents who hail from British Guyana and Surinam in South America, could barely read or write English on arriving in England aged six in 2014.

He added: “Many people have told me they like the book and it has made me feel really happy. I would encourage anyone who thought about writing a book but haven’t, to try. They can always ask other people for advice. If you don’t like, you can try to improve it, so don’t let that put you off.”

The young author, who lists his favourite subjects as maths and PE, has already started a sequel following the reception to his debut effort.

The Party Crashers: The Blue Sphere is available via Amazon and selected online bookstores.

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