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12-year-old girl graduates from university

GIRL GENIUS: DJ Tillman has graduated from college at the age of 12

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl has become the youngest person to graduate from Excelsior College in the United States this year.

Dorothy Jean (DJ) Tillman, whose mother nicknamed her Dorothy Genius, graduated last week.

Tillman’s mother, Jemelitia, shared coverage of her daughter’s achievement on Twitter.

Responding to a Twitter user who asked “how can a 12-year-old graduate from college?” Tillman said her daughter “worked very hard, leading into her intense programme at Excelsior. She has taken classes at Stanford, BYU and many others”.

The university, based in Albany, New York, said: “We are so proud of our graduates – this story makes you believe in the power of education and hard work!”

Not content with graduating a decade earlier than her students the same age as her, Tillman is already making plans to complete a masters in environmental engineering, according to ABC News 10.

But before that she wants to take a brief break from studying.

“I want to go into my masters in environmental engineering, but I do want to take a couple gap months,” Tillman said.

Her mother told ABC News 10: “There are some great things coming out of the south side of Chicago and this, my baby, is one of the greatest of them all.”

She added: “My child plays with bubbles, my child still loves to go on the swing so when the question comes up while is she nervous that she is going to miss stop for high school, she’s not even in the high school mind frame.”

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