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13 year-old pageant queen is subject of BBC documentary

ONE TO WATCH: Sienna Demontis (image credit: Stacey Clarke)

13-YEAR-old Sienna Demontis is well on her way to stardom, if her current achievements, including interest from the BBC, gigs with Disney and a pageant win, are anything to go by.

Junior Miss Galaxy UK welcomed Demontis who was crowned winner after competing against 25 other 12-14 year olds. Fresh from a trip to Florida to try her hand at winning the Junior Miss Galaxy's international title, the Jamaican/English/Italian teen came a respectable third, despite this year being her first attempt at competing.

As well as mastering the poise and personality traits essential for a beauty queen, the Derby teen will feature on BBC1’s Inside Out. Before filming begins, the beauty queen has been doing modelling jobs with Disney, winning dance competitions and achieving a 2nd Dan black belt in Taekwondo.

The young high-flyer took some time out for a quick Q&A with The Voice:

Q: How did it feel to come second runner-up at the international Miss Junior Galaxy?

A: I was a little disappointed, but I was so happy with coming in the top three. I was very proud of myself and glad that I had placed in such a hard competition. A lot of the girls had pageant training or had competed many times before, some within the Galaxy system. So, to come third without any experience except for winning the UK competition was a massive achievement.

SHE'S ROYAL: Sienna Demontis after winning Miss Junior Galaxy UK (image credit: Paul Carroll)

What did you do in preparation for the pageant?

A: To prepare I had my dresses tailored and I did 22 appearances, as appearances counted for 25% of the mark. The other split was - 25% for a photogenic photo, 25% for an interview and 25% for on stage performance. I also practiced my walk at home for the fashion and evening wear rounds. I also practised interview techniques with my mum. We made sure we had a make-up artist waiting for us in America, and took a hairdresser with us.

Q: Tell us about the BBC's Inside Out programme that you have coming-up.

A: Inside Out is based on me, my pageant story and how I prepared for it. They have been recording me enjoying my hobbies and following my preparation.

Q: What made you take an interest in pageants?

A: My mum put me into the pageant after seeing an advert. When I was selected she showed me and asked if I wanted to do it. I really wanted to as it sounded so much fun and something different. The thought of going to America if I won also appealed to me.

HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU: Sienna Demontis in model mode (image credit: Stacey Clarke)

Q: You have many talents - if you had to pick one to focus on, what would it be?

A: Dancing! I love dancing, it's something I love to do and you can express yourself through it. You hear a beat and can put moves to it, you also can teach other people. It's also fun to do as a group.

Q: What's the end-game for Sienna Demontis?

A: I will continue my year as Junior Miss Galaxy UK, continue to attend events and raise money for charities....I want to enter more pageants and take home more crowns! I hope one day to compete for Miss Universe. I want to continue to model and hopefully do more things on TV. The advert I have done for Easy Braids is currently showing on CITV. I have done so much for a 13 year-old and hope that the future holds much more.

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