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27 Lessons from 27 Films

BREAKING DOWN on the side of the road can definitely be frustrating. According to Highway England, they deal with over 85,000 breakdowns on the roads each year!

As a driver, I’m sure most of us have experienced this? You might be one of the lucky ones to not have personally experienced it, but it’s a normal sighting on the side of the UK’s roads.

Car breakdowns can be pretty dramatic and can be due to a variety of reasons, from running out of fuel, poor tyre maintenance, power loss and engine trouble.

And with breakdowns being pretty dramatic, they can make for the perfect setting for a feature film!

Halfords Autocentre have realised this, and looked into 27 films featuring on screen car breakdowns to see what vehicle maintenance lessons we can learn from the cinematic world.

From where film characters most likely to breakdown to which cars breakdown the most, they’ve asked and answered all these questions and more.

Through their research, they’ve found that a shocking 89% of these film car breakdowns took place in America.

The cause of these breakdowns were largely due to a result of flat tyres as seen in horror movie The Hills Have Eyes and cult-classic The Rocky Horror Picture Shows.

Thought the lightheartedness of the research, Halfords Autocentre did also uncover that the Department of Transport reported in 2017 that 2,199 casualties were a result of vehicle defects. Alike some of our favorite films below, it pays to check your vehicle.

Take a look below, and learn all you need to know and more with the help of Halfords Autocentre infographic:

27 Lessons From 27 Films

27 Lessons From 27 Films
Provided by Halfords Autocentre

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