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50%+ of UK parents spend less than two hours a day with kids

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IT'S OFFICIAL, families in the UK are spending less time with each other. A new study reveals families in the UK on average spend less than two hours together per day.

With the blurring of work-life boundaries and ever-increasing workloads, over a fifth of parents across the UK admit to relying on technology as a distraction for their children.

Over half of the parents surveyed (57%) admit to working outside their usual working hours, prioritising their job over quality time with their children and family.

The study coincides with the Modern Families Index report by Working Families that found 72% of parents catch up on work at home in the evenings and at weekends. When it comes to finding the right balance between earning money and spending time with their family, the report found only one in five families said they have got the right balance.

For those parents who may be struggling with a healthy work life balance, survey data commissioned by The Wooden Furniture Store reveals a reliance on television for family bonding. On average, families watch 2-3 hours of television together per day.

64% of children in the UK were found to spend up to four hours per day on technology, which includes computer games, tablets, smartphones and the television.


However, it’s not all bleak. A healthy 28% of parents find the time to bond with their children over traditional activities such as drawing, reading and board games on a busy evening.

Clare Jackson, Director at The Wooden Furniture Store said:

"It’s not always easy to achieve a healthy work/life balance - the constant pressure of our jobs can often rob us of time we could be spending at home with our loved ones. Recognising that free time is really precious, we wanted to learn more about how much time UK families spend with each other, and what they do when they are together.

"Our survey revealed some fascinating insights; for example, half of families in East Anglia manage to share dinner together every night of the week, whilst over half of London families prefer to spend their time in front of the TV rather than engaging in conversation.

"We'd love to know if our survey findings ring true with other families across the UK."

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