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84% of women prefer the passenger seat

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DESPITE THE fight for gender equality being as prominent as ever and the UK gender pay gap being at its lowest-ever level as many as a third of women prefer to take a backseat when it comes to getting behind the wheel, opting to let their other half drive; according to research by car club company Ubeeqo.

The research goes on to find that a quarter of men believe that their partner prefers to be a passenger while a further 14% think they have a better sense of direction than their other half.

Further highlights uncovered by Ubeeqo include:

·25% of men believe their partner prefers being a passenger

·26% of women believe their partner has a better sense of direction

·18% of women claim they let their partner drive as they are terrible passengers.

Despite a whopping 74% of women believing that they are the better driver in their relationships, they still admit that they accept they take the submissive role in letting their men do the bulk of the driving.

Henrik Jensen, UK Managing Director of Ubeeqo, said of the findings:

“The fact that women are taking a back seat when it comes to driving despite being deemed the better driver with less accidents surprises me. Women are, in so many aspects of everyday life equalling with men and the car seems to be the one area where this isn’t happening.”

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