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Abbott and Lammy call for Glasgow-style approach to violence

CRIME: Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott has called for Glasgow-style solutions to London's violent crime

DIANE ABBOTT has ruled out an increase in random stop and searches as a solution to London’s gun and knife crime.

Abbott has instead argued the case for a Glasgow-inspired public health approach to dealing with what many are concerned is an out-of-control spate of violence in the capital.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme yesterday, Abbott said: “Evidence-based stop and search will always be an important weapon against all types of crime. But random stop and search has poisoned relationships between the police and the community, and in the end you need the cooperation of the community to deal with the issues.”

She added: “There’s no evidence that the old indiscriminate stop and search was the most effective weapon in dealing with gun crime and knife crime.”

Labour MP David Lammy who featured on the programme today said: “I’ve had four deaths. I have not had a phone call from the home secretary; I have not had a phone call from the mayor.”

He added that no-one had come to visit his constituency, Tottenham, where 17-year-old Tanesha Melbourne, one of two teenagers to be shot on Monday night, died.

Lammy also highlighted the success of Glasgow’s approach to knife crime and called for a consensus among parties on how to deal with the rising violence.

He said: “The city of Glasgow had a problem 10 years ago. It was the murder capital of this country. Last year not one death as a result of a stabbing because there was a political consensus between the Labour party and the SNP and the Scotland example. They have a public health strategy, all agencies coming together, all resources – and the community itself was sick of it.”

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