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Activists win fight over removal of statue

REMOVED: The Early Days statue in San Francisco

A STATUE in San Francisco that has been deemed racist and demeaning by activists has been removed.

On Friday, around 50 people gathered to witness the event.

Last week Wednesday, the San Francisco board of appeals agreed to remove the 19th century monument that depicts a Native American at the feet of a Spanish cowboy and a Catholic missionary.

Campaigners have argued for years that the “Early Days” statue is racist and demeaning to indigenous people.

The statue is one of several erected near the San Francisco City Hall that invoke imagery around the founding of California.

Tom DeCaigny, the Arts Commission's director of cultural affairs, said that the commission would begin working to take the statue down immediately, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Campaigns to have the statue taken down have been mounted by Native American activists for decades. Following the highly publicised clashes and debates about Confederate monuments last year, the campaigners renewed their calls for action to be taken.

It is understood the final destination of the monument is yet to be confirmed. For now, it will remain in art storage.

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