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African delegation apologises for their role in slave trade

HEALING: Dr Ama Amish III (Photo credit:

NANA DR Ama Amissah III, President of Queen Mothers Association of the Central Region of Ghana, will be participating in a symbolic reconciliation and apology ceremony relating to the role of African tribal leaders in the Transstlantic slave trade on today, Loop Jamaica reports.

The ceremony will take place at the Jamaica Christian Diaspora Conference, at the Jamaica Conference Centre. Amissah III will be part of a six-person delegation from both the African Forum on Religion and Government (AFReG) and the Ghanaian Tribal Leadership attending the event.

The apology, to be read immediately following the official opening of the two-day conference, will be presented to representatives of the Church in Jamaica at the event in the form of a scroll for permanent exhibition.

The handing over will follow a presentation by Proffesor Emeritus Maureen Warner-Lewis, Professor of Literature and English at UWI, on “The Impact of Slavery on the People of the Caribbean and The Americas – Changing their Narratives.”

In addition, Guy Hewitt, former Barbados High Commissioner to the US, will speak on the current Windrush scandal before a keynote address from the Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck.

Many government and church leaders of the Jamaican diaspora are expected to attend the two-day conference which is the second in the series, staged by local para-church organisation, Operation Save Jamaica along with the UK, Canada and other Christian Diaspora Alliances.

The conference will examine ways that the church community and Jamaican church in the Diaspora can work together to give greater support to nation building and leverage the collective human capital and other resources to address foundational and symptomatic ills affecting Jamaica and the region.

According to Pastor Bruce Fletcher, chairman of Operation Save Jamaica: “We will be examining how church, state and private sector partnerships can better help to reduce crime, violence and increase youth empowerment, while creating better communities for the future”.

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