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After seven heart operations, teen releases charity song

HEARTFELT: 13-year-old King-Elyon Britton

A COURAGEOUS teenage boy, King-Elyon Britton, is calling on Voice readers to give a different gift this Valentine’s Day.

Asking readers to consider giving ‘a gift with a difference that keeps on giving’, the 13-year-old congenital heart disease survivor from Bedfordshire is encouraging people to download Better Days for £1, to help raise funds for children born with heart defects.

Britton, who is affectionately known as ‘King’ was dubbed “Britain bravest boy” by The Royal Brompton Hospital, after making medical history at two days old when he became the youngest person in Britain to have a pacemaker.

MIRACLE: King-Elyon Britton as a newborn baby

Launching a worldwide month-long campaign Give a Pound, Give a Heart until 14th March, King tells the Voice:

“I am so happy I can always count on The Voice to help share my story. I am letting readers know, if they give a pound, they can give a heart a chance to live.

“My family and I are raising money for our charity so we can gift £2500 to The Royal Brompton Fetal Research Department, headed by my miracle worker, Dr. Carvalho. They need 25 electronic machines allowing medical reports to be sent to their specialist consultants, whereby both expectant mums-to-be and their unborn children can be closely monitored without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

"We are also raising funds for the Bustamante Hospital for Children in Jamaica, which was recently affected by a devastating fire.”

Giving “thanks for life” after successfully completing his seventh heart operation on 22nd December 2016, the Arsenal supporter expressed:

“These great devices cost £100 each and will cut down appointment times saving money for the NHS so, Brighter Days is the perfect gift to give to your Valentines.

“I strongly stand by this campaign, spearheaded by my mother because there are countless super mums like mine, who need help.”

CLOSE-KNIT: King-Elyon Britton, centre, with loved ones and mother 'Lady-Sher', second from left

Never considering “giving up” as an option, the bright bubbly Business Management student of KCA High School does not use his condition to hinder his education or life.

King’s mother Sherell Hutchinson, known to the community as Lady Sher, tells the Voice:

“I am a mother of a child with a heart condition and I know these machines will be a tremendous help for everyone; mother, child and doctor.

“If I had one of these machines it would have given me peace of mind knowing my child was closely monitored and safe. Instead, every Thursday I attended The Royal Brompton Hospital to have King’s scan along with my own medical check-up.”

An overcomer of depression, calling her experience “every mother’s worse nightmare”, Lady Sher recalls having to take medication every day to prevent her son from dying:

“When you are told at 20 weeks there is a chance your baby will not survive it is just horrific. Every time you don’t feel your baby move you think the worst. I was worried throughout the whole of my pregnancy, knowing there was a possibility he might not make it.There were times I would wake up in the morning and King wouldn't move. My heart would race with anxiety, stress and worry, which always caused me to cry out to God fearing that that was the morning he may have been taken from me by his angel. I would gently rub my tummy but there would be no response; then I would tap my tummy and get a kick or punch back.

“I know first-hand why these machines are paramount. It’s so hard and no mother should have to go through this experience.”  

Explaining her inspiration to set up Elyon’s Heart Foundation in 2008, the determined mother of four said:

“When I noticed the needs felt by parents who did not know where to start or who to talk to I was compelled to open our foundation.

"Yes, the hospital gives leaflets and lots of great information but, the missing component is knowing someone who has walked the walk; someone who really understands how you feel and what concerns you have. Parents need a representative who can offer real connection, contact and support.”

Rejoicing over her son’s survival and fighting spirit, she said:

“King is so special! He was born six weeks premature and within 48 hours he had an external pacemaker fitted. Since then he has undergone a further six operations. My son is so strong, beating the odds seven times. Seven miracles for a child of only 13 years old. His unique medical case helped support The Royal Brompton Hospital when it was threatened with closure, which led to a petition at 10 Downing Street. He is a living miracle.”

Describing her son as a “beam of light with a sunshine smile”, the entrepreneur tells worried parents:

“The news is shocking at first.

"The journey is tough, even more difficult if you have more children; even a dog to care for makes it hard, so remember to ask for help. Your consultant is there to answer questions. It’s very important to get a comprehensive understanding and clear guidance on the use of any medication with the ‘dos and don’ts’.

"Join Medic Alert, which helps records all your medical notes for any emergencies. Plus, try and keep a healthy balanced diet because eating the wrong foods isn’t good but, most importantly keep strong, if not for you, for your child.”

Listing future fundraising plans King concludes:

“We are having a fundraising cultural food display on 16 February at Bedford University from noon to 3pm, a ‘date night movie’ fundraiser on 22 April in London and on 30 September we will be hosting our third Heart 2 Heart in The Park concert also held in London, followed by our Elyon's Heart Foundation fundraising Christmas Party.”

King’s mother tells the Voice:

“We thank everyone who has supported us to date especially our 2017 sponsors.

"Please download Brighter Days and enjoy singing and dancing while helping to save a heart. Happy St. Valentine’s Day.” 

If you would like to get involved, support or register, email the Elyon Heart Foundation at or, call 07946 270 486, or search Facebook and Instagram for 'elyonsheartfoundation'. Twitter users can search for 'EHF14'.

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