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Agency transforms rights of plus-size models

INCLUSIVITY: Miss Curvaceous UK

FOLLOWING THEIR involvement in a fashion show for plus-sized women in Birmingham, two rising models have spoken out on the positive difference the alternative agency, which hosted the event, has made on their lives and careers.

The revelations came after Rosie Clough and Ceren Ocal took to the catwalk at Birmingham’s Maple House as part of Ms Curvaceous UK, which specialises in building body confidence in women from size 12 upwards.

South African-raised Rosie, 23, said: “I didn’t believe in myself before. I struggled to accept my flaws and I continuously put myself down and set myself unrealistic targets of how to lose weight or how I could fit in and be like everybody else.

"As I was growing up I was always one of the biggest girls in school or college and to add to that I was tall. Although I never dreamt of becoming a model, being accepted automatically made me feel good about myself, in my normal day to day life too.

“I have accepted my body and I love the person I am today. I have since become the face of Simply Be and I shot a campaign in New York which was on nearly every channel and I saw myself in newspapers and magazines!”

Ceren, 30, reflected on her life prior to auditioning for Ms Curvaceous UK: “I was at such a low point in my life, everything was crumbling down. My long-term relationship came to an end. I was broke and I didn’t know what to do with my life.” Through its confidence-building workshops, Ceren has gone on to become an interpreter and actress as well as a curve model.


Recalling the “claps and cheering” in an early workshop, she added: “The feeling of be- ing celebrated made me feel awake again, I felt enchanted in the moment and wanted it to continue so badly and it did.”

Ceren made it to the final of a previous round of Ms Curvaceous and is now working on the #morethansize campaign, which includes catwalk show and photo shoot to continue to change the image of larger women.

Theodore Ilori, Director of Ms Curvaceous UK, said: “These workshops have helped to transform the lives of women who have been bullied, been in abusive relationships, suffered from body dysmorphia, low self-esteem, depression and much more.

“We go through the psychology of confidence and give them the tools to boost their confidence before they leave. We have makeup artists, stylists and professional models who engage with the audience on their areas of expertise.”

Ms Curvaceous will host the finale of this year’s tour in London on November 27.

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