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Aisha, the unmissable fringe play tackling child marriage

CHILD MARRIAGE: Aisha played by BBC’S Les Misérables’ Alex Jarett

AISHA, DESCRIBED by press as a “poetic Shakespearean tragedy”, tells the tragic, impactful story of a 17-year-old girl forced into an underaged and unlawful marriage to the formidable “HIM”, a man decades her senior. Having to endure rape, self-doubt and even suicidal thoughts, Aisha places audiences directly into the mind of a victim of child marriage, whilst raising awareness of the devastating lifestyles that many young girls must experience on a daily basis around the world.

The one-woman play is produced by AILIA, a diversity led organisation designed to provide others with the freedom to engage in artistic affairs, exhibit their artistic works, however, most importantly they seek to “empower the disempowered” with the art that they create.
Diversity is at the forefront of AILIA’s fundamental values and consequently, they have recently provided over 30 free tickets to young black theatre enthusiasts to see this production of Aisha.

TABOO: Child marriage is an issue that affects millions of girls worldwide (Photo: Scott Stevens)

Aisha, now in its second run, sheds light on the taboo topic of child marriage, which is a widespread issue without borders that affects millions of young women worldwide.

According to Girls Not Brides, a charity actively working to combat the problem, 1 in 5 girls in the world are married before the age of 18 and over 650 million women in the world today were married as children.

Tackling this issue head-on with the devastating story of Aisha, is the play’s writer, AJ. Who aims to “express the harrowing experiences of child marriage victims without filtering the truth that resides within the accounts”. Aisha explores the many themes that surround child marriage, including gender inequality, outdated cultural traditions and female identity.

AJ describes child marriage as a “nodus that endeavours to infest our society”, and through showcasing the play in various theatres around London, he seeks to spark change by shining a light on the issue. AJ hopes that audiences will feel convicted to act once they have been exposed to some of the extents to which child marriage can reach.

Watch the trailer for the production below.

AISHA Trailer (I) 2018 from AILIA on Vimeo.

Truly unmissable, Aisha opens at the Old Red Lion Theatre on December 3 2018, where it will stay until the December 8 2018, and will complete its run at the Tristan Bates Theatre from January 4-5 2019.

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