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Akala receives honorary doctorate

AWARDED: Akala (Photo credit: Instagram)

RAPPER AND social entrepreneur Akala has received an honorary doctorate from Oxford Brooke's University.

The BAFTA winner announced the news on social media, posting images of at the ceremony.

On Instagram, Akala said: "Man is officially Dr Akala! Lol
Today I got an honorary doctorate from Oxford Brooke's University, was a good vibes and congrats to all the people that were *actually* graduating.

"As someone who never went Uni I have always been slightly envious of those that did/do go but the things I learned with the man dem and then in business and life were also invaluable.

"I'd like to thank the entire Caribbean pan-African community that helped me through school and encouraged an intellectual curiosity and self development from a very young age. Safe."

This is just the latest in positive moves for Akala who recently released a new book entitled Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire, which explores issues of race and class.

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