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Alicia Keys to launch new initiative for women in music

EMPOWERING: Alicia Keys says she wants to create a model for change that affects women across all industries

ALICIA KEYS has revealed plans to start a new initiative to support women in the music industry.

Keys made the announcement during her acceptance speech for the icon songwriter honour at the National Music Publishers Association on Tuesday.

The initiative, She is the Music, is the outcome of the singer-songwriter’s collaboration with a group of women working in music, including songwriters, executives and publishers.

She is the Music will work to reshape the industry and create better opportunities for women with talent.

Keys said: “We want to create a model for change that affects women across all industries.

“We deserve the utmost respect, and so many of these women across industries are telling our culture that time is up on double standards, and it’s over for pay inequity and colleagues who are at best disrespectful and at the worst unsafe — so it’s over for that.”

The news comes off the back of the mother-of-two’s participation in a women’s writing camp and her support of artists from around the world.

Alongside her husband, music producer Swizz Beatz, and the Dean Collection, Keys has bestowed $5,000 grants upon 20 artists – 10 men and 10 women – from Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe and Australia.

At the end of last week, Keys supported female artists taking part in a women’s writing camp.

She tweeted: “Just finished this sick women’s writing camp!! I love supporting these amazing female writers, producers, engineers and creative minds! And there are so many more incredible ones!! Isn’t it time for our industry to reflect that?”

Further details of She is the Music are yet to be announced.

Keys told journalists: “You’ll be hearing about it.”

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