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Alison Ettel a.k.a ‘Permit Patty’ issues an apology

PICTURED: Alison Ettel

THE VIRAL video of Alison Ettel, the woman who was recorded calling the police on an 8-year-old girl for selling bottled water has issued an apology.

The incident reportedly happened last week in front of the little girls home in San Francisco.

The girls' cousin posted the 15-second clip on Twitter with the hashtag #PermitPatty after recording Ettel crouching down out of shot on her phone. She wrote: ‘So my little cousin was selling water and didn’t have a permit so this lady decided to call the cops on an 8 year old.’

Ettel since tweeted: ‘I would like to make a public apology for my actions. They were wrong. I was stressed and admittedly did the wrong thing. I am not a racist and what I did had absolutely nothing to do with her race. I have apologised on the Huffington Post.’

The 44-year-old is the founder of Treat Well Health, a company that sells cannabis alternatives for people and pets. However, in light of its international controversy, retailers have announced that they will no longer sell her company's products because of the incident.

Ettel has also lost her deal with platform Lady Bud, who are documenting women who ‘transition from the black market to the legal market’ since California ended its prohibition of adult use marijuana.

Many are likening her actions to the woman who was dubbed ‘Barbecue Becky’ last month. She was filmed calling the police on an African American family who was barbequing at a nearby lake.

It is being argued that both women called the police without reasonable cause.

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