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All England Club celebrates tennis stars and Wimbledon story

CHAMPIONS: Seven-time Wimbledon singles champion Serena Williams is depicted in the animated video campaign

THE ALL England club has launched a campaign to celebrate the story of Wimbledon, the world’s oldest tennis tournament, and the stars who have made their mark on the courts.

The #TakeOnHistory campaign, which was unveiled on Sunday (June 10), features animations depicting Serena Williams, Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

An videos follow the history of Wimbledon from its inception up until today. Three separate campaign launch trailers have been released for broadcast.

A spokesperson for the tournament said: “When you’re blessed with a golden age of tennis stars, you need multiple launch films.”

The trailer will be followed by a series of content films rolled out across social media that focus in greater depth on three key areas of Wimbledon: the gardens, the ticket resale scheme and the famous queue.

TRAILER: Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams are the stars of this trailer (Video:AELTC)

James Ralley, head of marketing and commercial at the AELTC, said: “This is a significant year for Wimbledon, not least because we are celebrating the 150-year anniversary of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. This beautifully crafted film depicts the tireless pursuit of greatness Wimbledon represents, not just for our players and fans but as a global event.”

He added: “History is the benchmark that we judge ourselves by – and we are immensely proud to show the richness of our history through amazingly imaginative illustrations and incredible craftsmanship.”

Rob Doubal, co-president and chief creative officer, McCann London, the creators of the campaign, said: “We’re really proud of this campaign, which perfectly captures how much Wimbledon has changed over the years and gone from strength to strength. The guys at Nexus [Studios] were incredible at capturing the changing styles, not just of design and fashion, but of the club, the players’ techniques and the atmosphere. All while staying true to the Wimbledon brand people know and love today.”

You can watch the rest of the videos here

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