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Amber Rudd refers to Diane Abbott as ‘coloured’ in interview

'MORTIFIED': The former home secretary referred to Diane Abbott as 'coloured'

AMBER RUDD has referred to Diane Abbott as “coloured” during an interview with the BBC.

Rudd, who resigned from her role as home secretary during the Windrush scandal, was asked whether it internet abuse was worse for women before she made the comment.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show this afternoon, during a discussion about online abuse, Rudd said: “It definitely is worse if you’re a woman, and it’s worst of all if you’re a coloured woman. I know that Diane Abbott gets a huge amount of abuse, and I think that’s something we need to continue to call out,” she said.

She added: “There was a report done by Lord Bew into the amount of trolling there was, et cetera, and it definitely was the case that women get it more, black and black and minority ethnic women get it additionally. So it is just a particularly nasty form of attack that focuses on gender and colour, and I think that we have to address it by calling it out, and we have to continually look at ways to try and stop it happening."

Vine did not comment on Rudd’s use of the outdated and offensive term during the interview.

ABUSE: Diane Abbott called Rudd's use of the term 'revealing'

Since facing a backlash about her use of the word, Rudd has since apologised to Abbott via Twitter.

The work and pensions secretary said: “Mortified at my clumsy language and sorry to Diane Abbott. My point stands: that no one should suffer abuse because of their race or gender.”

Abbott, who has been targeted by a significantly high amount of racist and sexist abuse both online and offline, said: “The term ‘coloured’, is an outdated, offensive and revealing choice of words.”

Labour MP Danielle Rowley tweeted: “Amber Rudd undermining an important point about online abuse by referring to Diane Abbott as a “coloured woman” on BBC Radio 2. She clearly gets her language from the same bygone era as her abhorrent welfare policies.”

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