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Amber Rudd: Windrush generation treatment 'appalling'

COMMENT: Amber Rudd

HOME SECRETARY Amber Rudd has apologised for the treatment of the Windrush generation, saying it was "wrong" and "appalling" that some face deportation.

Many Caribbean immigrants who arrived from the Commonwealth decades ago are at risk of deportation, with many cases popping up across the UK of elders being deported back to the Caribbean.

In response to this, Rudd said they would help those attain required documents for free and added she was concerned her department "sometimes loses sight" of individuals.

Other new measures announced by Rudd include:

- A new taskforce dedicated to helping those affected
- Plans for the team with departments across government to gather evidence on behalf of immigrants
- A pledge that all cases will be resolved in two weeks
- All fees for new documentation waived so people are not "out of pocket"
- A new website will be set up with information and a direct contact point

Rudd said: "I do not want any of the Commonwealth citizens who are here legally to be impacted in the way they have and frankly, some of the ways they have been treated is wrong, has been appalling, and I am sorry.

However, Labour's David Lammy spoke patiently about the Government's errors and lack of compassion towards the Windrush generation, stating that it was a "day of national shame".

The Tottenham MP said it was "inhumane and cruel" that it had taken for the government so long to act.

Addressing Rudd in the House of Commons, he added: "It has come about because of a hostile environment policy that was begun under her prime minister.

"Let us call it as it is; if you lay down with dogs, you get fleas, and that is what has happened with this far-right rhetoric in this country."

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