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Ambitious LeVar and his boys having a ball


AMERICAN MEDIA personality and businessman, LaVar Ball, is the father of three basketball players: Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Lonzo; Li-Angelo, who was enrolled at UCLA briefly with a basketball scholarship and LaMelo.

Ball is the founder and CEO of the sports apparel company Big Baller Brand and founder of the Junior Basketball Association (JBA) Ball revealed to the Voice of Sport the exciting prospect of each of his sons playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA) at the same time whilst steadily dribbling towards a billion dollar master plan.


Ball said: “It’s going to be another two years, soon as La- Melo gets drafted it is on. Mine are the original big three. On the outside people won’t want it to happen because then it will be a Lakers take over.”

He continued: “My boys will make so much money off the court that that little chump change they get won’t matter. They said if LeBron signs for Cleveland he gets $205m for five years. To some people that’s a lot of money - to me its small change. Why? Because I’m thinking billions that’s what the triple b is for billions, billions, billions!"

GUARD: Lonzo Ball of The Lakers

“They think I am playing. Watch how I do this, just like this. The star - the guy who plays basketball - he makes the money but look at the owner. The owner makes more than the guy who plays but who makes more than the owner? The guy who owns the league - Junior Basketball As- sociation here we come!”

Despite being thousands of miles away from their home in the United States, LaVar believes his boys are coping well with the European scene whilst temporarily living in Lithuania for the remainder of the Lithuanian basketball season.


He said: “The boys are coping fine. The fact is that they are doing the same thing that they would be doing in the US - eat, sleep and basketball. The scenery might change but they do the exact same thing so it is okay.

“It is not about coping and trying to blend because we came to do business, which is to work on your basketball after a game and practice. We get to eat together as a family, as long as they have pizza, hamburgers and fries we are good.”

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