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Amref Health Africa UK launches Health in Her Hands campaign

HEALTH IN HER HANDS: Launching today, on International Women’s Day, the campaign will celebrate the frontline health workers who are saving and changing lives across Africa

AMREF HEALTH Africa today unveils its ambitious UK Aid Match campaign, Health in Her Hands, in support of the frontline health workers who are saving and changing lives across Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa contends with a quarter of the global disease burden - but it is home to only 3 per cent of the world’s health workers. Worldwide, a shortfall of almost 18 million health workers is projected by 2030.

“Investing in female health workers is vital if this trend is to be reversed,” says Amref Health Africa UK’s Chief Executive, Frances Longley. “When they’re equipped with the right tools and training, women have the power to transform the health of some of the most remote and marginalised communities in Africa. They’re on the front line of change - and Amref Health Africa is determined to help them succeed.”

Launching today, on International Women’s Day, Health in Her Hands will celebrate the frontline health workers who are saving and changing lives across Africa. Putting their stories front and centre, it will demonstrate the lasting change that is made possible when health is in the hands of women. By showcasing examples of community-led change, Health in Her Hands aims to contribute to the shifting of public perceptions of Africa and of international development.

Through the UK Aid Match initiative, the UK government will match every public donation made to the Health in Her Hands appeal, pound for pound, until the 7th of June. Public donations will be used to support lasting health change in Africa, strengthening health systems, training health workers, and improving access to services for some of the continent’s most remote and marginalised communities.

Match funding from the UK government, unlocked by public donations, will support the training of nurses and midwives in Uganda, empowering them to deliver specialised maternal and child healthcare services and ensuring that women can give birth safely and with dignity.

“The Health in Her Hands appeal will improve the health and well-being of parents and children across Uganda, demonstrating the true power of training and education to change people’s lives for the better,” says Secretary of State for International Development Penny Mordaunt. “It is up to all of us to make sure that every woman reaches their potential.

"This UK Aid Match appeal, a great partnership between UK Aid and Amref Health Africa, takes us closer to achieving this. UK Aid Match will double every pound, which the British public donates to this campaign, meaning their generosity will go twice as far.”

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