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Amy Steele: 'Music is something I feel that I have to do'

SELF-EXPRESSION: Amy Steele says she finds joy in singing and writing music

FOR MANY artists, music is a form of escapism, a way in which the artists and their fans can receive comfort, for Amy Steele, it’s a way to express herself.

“I do think that for anyone that writes music obviously tends to do so from some personal experiences and that’s also going to be reflected in what they release. I don’t necessarily think it’s a way of escaping but I do think it’s a way of expressing the way certain things have either affected me or things that I’ve been through and it’s just a way of putting it out there.”

Steele almost embarked on a completely different career. The 23-year-old singer spent five years studying for a medical degree and is a certified doctor.

“I wanted to be a doctor for a very long time, mainly because I wanted to help people. It’s still something I feel passionately about and something I want to pursue in different charitable ways.

For Steele, music ultimately took over. Reflecting on how she knew music was the career path for her, she said: “Music is something I feel that I have to do.

“When I look back on it I can see parts when I was really young I always wanted to be singing and always wanted to write songs.”

However, coming round to the idea of a career in the industry was a gradual process. “At the time it wasn’t something like I made the decision this is what I want to do. I didn’t really make the decision until I was in university and I found myself the opportunity to record stuff and see where it lead,” she said.

It’s not uncommon for artists to receive the help from songwriters when coming up with new music, this is not the case for Steele. “I personally love writing music. I find joy in singing but I also find joy in writing and hearing back some of the things I didn’t realise I was saying. That being said, working with other people is also sometimes fun. It’s not something I do often but it’s something I’m very open to.”

RELEASE: Steele's latest single

She added: “I wrote my EP myself, it’s quite personal but in terms of working with other people and for other people it’s a fun experience.”

The UK singer dropped her latest single Long Way Home, the second release from her upcoming EP Memories in Watercolour, which can be found on SoundCloud. She told us about what inspired the single. “I was just walking, I kind of felt like I had something to say and I wasn’t entirely sure. I was just walking for a very long time, actually that day I ended up taking the long way back and it just came. There wasn’t too much of a plan to it.”

While she has opted to go solo when it comes to songwriting, Steele is more than happy to sing alongside artists she admires. She’s collaborated with US RnB star Mario on her track Eyes on You and rapper The Game on Angel Fall. “Oh I was extremely excited, it was great! They’re both really talented. Mario’s vocals were incredible and just being on the same track with him was amazing and I can’t have been happier.”

Steele’s immense talent has earned her raving reviews from magazines including Wonderland, Hunger and Clash and comparison to singers such as Lana Del Rey and Laura Mvula.

“Having positive feedback is always really great and you really appreciate it because when you put so much work into something, when other people have nice things to say about it, it feels good!”

The soul singer’s previous single Bury You Deep was remixed by Gemini, Technimatic and Catch 44 after being premiered on Radio 1. She explained how it felt to see how widely received her music was. She said: “I thought they were great remixes so I think a lot of the credit goes to them for that as well. And I was just pleasantly surprised.”

An integral part of an artist’s career is their fans. Not only do they give the musician the ability to keep dropping and releasing the best music they can, it’s an added bonus to know people are supporting their work. Steele told us why her fans are important to her. “When you are being supported it really just motivates you every day, because sometimes things aren’t easy and when you’re working for something and you get the positive feedback and you get the support from people, you really, really appreciate it. It makes a big difference.”

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