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Andrea Graham: 'My faith is everything'

BLESSED: Andrea Graham has experienced many ups and downs in her life, but says her faith has kept her – and her sons – on the right path

TURNING 50 recently seems to have given Andrea Graham, a new lease of life.

This businesswoman, ordained minister, life coach, wife and mother of four sons has started a new podcast, entitled Mumzy Thoughts, aimed at mothers. The inspiration for this new podcast developed over time. Andrea explained: “I’ve had many people compliment the behaviour and character of my sons.

“My elder brother first inspired me to look at doing something specifically for mothers buy it was when my eldest son said, ‘Mum, what’s happening with your Mumzy Thoughts idea? You need to do this.’

“I thought I must have done something right if my son, a pastoral manager in an inner city school and a leader of young adults in one of the largest churches in the UK, is telling me to do this. So I brought it back up on the list of priorities and decided to produce a podcast for mothers.”

Andrea wants the podcast to deal with all issues related to parenting. “The purpose of the podcast is to inform, inspire and transform the minds of mothers.

“Our children watch and mirror what we do.

“So it’s a podcast that focuses on the behaviour of the mother, not the child.”

Andrea raised her sons in the main alongside her late husband, Derek Wade, who died in 2014. Their parenting focused on three main areas: ensuring their children felt loved and cared for, that respect between parents and children was mutual, and that the Wade boys were taught about the importance of love and faith and having a relationship with God.

It seems to have paid off because all Andrea’s sons are pursuing their goals – and one of them, Joivan, is on his way to becoming a Hollywood star.

Andrea has taken being the mother of an up-and-coming actor in her stride.

“I am excited and happy for him that what he asked and believed God for has happened, and I’m proud that he is helping others with their gifts and talents along his journey.

“Ultimately through this experience I’m pleased that he has remained grounded and stayed true to himself.

PARENTING PODCAST: Andrea wants to inform, inspire and transform the minds of mothers

“As a mother it’s great seeing the external performance and success but to me even of greater importance is to know that he is spiritually, emotionally and mentally sound.

“Hollywood is good – but he’s still my baby!” Andrea is known on social media for her inspiring videos, and a recent post where she gave a brief summary of her life to date, warmed people to her even more because she revealed her ups which included marriage at 19, the birth of her four children between the age 23-32, setting up her businesses, becoming a qualified trainer and life coach and presenting her own radio show.

And the downs where she experienced bereavements, including the death of her former husband and children’s father and 18 months later, the sudden death of her mother, as well as a breast cancer scare, repossession, divorce and depression.

Through everything she credits her faith in God in helping her overcome those personal difficulties.

“My faith is everything. My friendship, relationship and experience in knowing God’s love for me has kept my mind sound in the most challenging experiences that life brings.”

She added: “I also believe that my sons have seen how I relate to and trust God. They have seen how God has moved in my life and this too has strengthened their belief in their personal relationship with God.”

And Andrea has entered her sixth decade feeling and looking fabulous.

She’s happily remarried, pursuing her goal to be a blessing to others – especially mothers – via her podcast and authentic living workshops and living her best life through serving God and society through her many ventures.

Mumzy Thoughts is available on Spotify and iTunes.

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