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Apply now to be a contestant on BBC2 quiz show Eggheads

EGGHEADS NEEDS YOU: Resident general knowledge Lisa Thiel (front row, second from left) gives her tips for success on the show

THINK YOU'VE got what it takes to challenge the Eggheads and be in with the chance of winning a cash prize? Then put together a team of your friends, family or colleagues and apply today. But before you do, find out what Egghead Lisa Thiel has to say about the show and her top tips for success.

Describe what it's like to take part in Eggheads?
Taking part in Eggheads is, for a quiz show, a pretty relaxing experience! I've been a contestant on a number of other shows and I think we treat our contestants well. There's always time to chat with the Eggheads and enjoy the experience of being in the studio, you're not shuffled through as quickly as possible.

What do you enjoy most about the show?
Far and away the best part of our job is meeting the contestants, finding out about where they're from and what they do. Eggheads is in its 21st season now, and more than 10,000 people have sat across from the Eggheads trying to figure out how to beat us. All of the Eggheads love and respect the show, and the people who come on are the reason we get to keep doing the best job in the world.

Why would you recommend people to apply to appear on the show?
If you've never been on a quiz show before, Eggheads is a great place to start. You get to be with people you know, and there's no timer or gimmicks getting in the way of the questions – it's just good old-fashioned knowledge against good old-fashioned knowledge. If you're a hardened quizzer, then there's no better test than pitting yourself against the elite stars of world quizzing such as Kevin Ashman and Pat Gibson. Playing a head-to-head against Kevin is the equivalent of being able to go down to your local tennis club and have a set or two with Roger Federer. And as I said, the whole team are very nice to our contestants when they visit!

What tips do you have for potential contestants?
My top tip is to stay relaxed and treat it as a fun experience. If you start worrying about answering the questions correctly or whether your hair looks good on camera, your brain will freeze up and won't really enjoy yourself. People who come on to have fun are the ones who make the best shows (and usually get the most questions right too!). It's also a good idea to get a flexible team together. OK, it's important to have all the subjects covered, but you can't be sure which will come up and in what order, so it's no good working out a rigid gameplan.

Tell us something about filming Eggheads that viewers may not know
You might be surprised to learn that as we only have one “legendary question room”, contestants playing the head-to-head rounds will find themselves sitting next to the Egghead of their choice – separated by a few feet on a large bench! I like the setup because it means you get a bit more time to chat with individual contestants, but I'm sure a few of the more nervous ones haven't thanked me for that approach. Another question we're always asked is “What's in the mug on Jeremy's desk?” – but to find that one out, you'll have to put in an application…

BBC2’s Eggheads is looking for teams of six to take on their team of resident general knowledge geniuses. If you’d like to appear on the show and think you’ve got what it takes email or write to Eggheads Applications, 12 Yard Productions, The Hub G7, 70 Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1DZ.

The deadline for applications is June 22.

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