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Are Naomi and Skepta the perfect match?

TOUGH LOVE: Skepta and Naomi’s rumoured relationship has caught the imagination of many celebrity watchers so far

NOT EVERY man can handle a black woman. That’s been the case ever since Antony met Cleopatra. A black woman needs a man with a resilient core and a strong back to match her. I get that.

And, even among us fellas who have a strong back and a resilient core, we don’t all maintain. All because certain black women need a man who gives you Xtra. No doubt.

Naomi Campbell is one such woman. You got to be Superman to even stand a chance with her for more than a minute, as her long record of dating billionaires goes to show.

The tycoons have come and the tycoons have gone from her life and, when the next one came down the line you always thought, “Nah, this has got to be the don now, yuh dun know, he’s got more power than any of the previous ones so he must can hold her down.” But nah, each time, they have bitten the dust, unable to do what it takes to keep Naomi sweet.

So it begs the question whether the rapper Skepta has got what it takes to be Naomi’s sweet-talkin’ guy on anything more than a temporary basis. Cos you see, they’re all loved up now. All loved up for the world to see.

On the one hand, it doesn’t look like a match made anywhere near those pearly gates where Martin, Marcus, Malcolm and Nelson Mandela are engaged in deep conversation about whether being young, gifted and black is still where it’s at.

On the other hand, it does feel like they have both been hit by Cupid’s arrow and Naomi has finally found what she’s been looking for. And, if Skepta can come as close to perfection as it’s possible to be, he can not only accrue Naomi’s undying devotion, but he can also help restore the faith in black men that so many black women have lost over the last couple of decades.

I really hope he can. I really do. For all our sakes. I really hope that he is more than just a stop-gap in the supermodel’s long line of relationships.

And, it stands to reason, if anyone can ‘tame’ Naomi it is a real bonafide street guy (what my white middle-class girl friends might describe as ‘a bit of rough’); someone who has seen the thug life and conquered it and can back it up.

Not to mention the fact that he’s from Tottenham, like me, and if you’re a Totty boy you’re meant to know how to handle a black woman. For real.

The only thing that concerns me, is that he’s only worth £4 million. I mean, that’s chump change to someone like Naomi who is worth ten times as much and, as everybody knows, it doesn’t bode well when the woman is worth more than her male partner. Please don’t ask me why, cah me nuh know.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that she is motivated by money. But I will say that she is attracted to powerful men. Look at her past. In 1993, she became engaged to U2 bassist Adam Clayton. They separated the following year. In 1998, she was engaged to Formula One racing boss Flavio Briatore. Their on-off relationship ended five years later.

In July of last year there were reports that she was in a relationship with Egyptian multi-millionaire Louis C. Camilleri. And the list goes on... She has dated Russian mogul Vladimir Doronin, Nigerian oligarch

Kola Aluko, Emirati multi-millionaire Badr Jafar. Not to talk of being romantically-linked to Robert de Niro, 50 Cent, Mike Tyson, Lenny Kravitz, Eric Clapton and Albert II, Prince of Monaco. You see what Skepta is up against?

Sometimes power and money are the same thing. Sometimes they’re not, but often-times they are. Sometimes money gets mixed up with power. Sometimes it gets confused as power. And vice versa. There are those who have got power but not necessarily the money to back it.

For example, the Prime Minister only earns £150,000 a year. That might seem like a lot of money to you and I, but hang on a minute, she is the most powerful person in the country.

She can say something today, which can cause you to lose your job and your home. That is the kind of power that the Prime Minister wields and yet Theresa May is only on £150,000 a year.

She’s got the power of God, but her wage is peanuts is it not? Chump change. I mean, there are members of the Cabinet who earn more in a month than she does in a year. In that respect, the power that the Prime Minister wields does not correlate with her wealth.

The same goes for MPs who last week got a 1.8 per cent pay increase to take their yearly earnings to over £77,000. I mean, how can we expect them to be taken seriously when my plumber earns more than they do? Especially in the cold snap that we have been experiencing recently.

My plumber was your actual ‘loadsamoney’ during last week’s ‘snowmageddon’. He even drives a Porsche (I kid you not) and will probably be sending his children to private school after this mad March and its wintry conditions took him to the top of the earnings on our street.

I’m not saying he has any power, except when the Beast from the East conks out my boiler in the coldest temperatures since time immemorial, but it would be interesting to see who Naomi would go for – my plumber or Chuka Umunna MP?

Naomi Campbell 4 Skepta. Skepta 4 Naomi Campbell. They’re such beautiful sentiments you wanna carve it on a tree on their behalf and put a heart around it.

I really hope that’s how it is going down, but I cannot help thinking that knowing what I know about both of their public personas that one ah dem is gonna have to manners the other. But I wouldn’t like to say which.

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