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Are you too busy to have fun with your partner?

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IN THE busyness of our switched on 24/7 lives, it can be easy for the busy professional to neglect their personal relationships.

In the report, Labour of Love or Love vs Labour by Relate and Relationships Scotland, it was reported that work/life balance was the third biggest strain on a couple’s relationship.

Healthy relationships are pivotal to our overall health and wellbeing. And it’s not just the impact on your relationship with your significant other that is at stake from working excessive hours, there’s also the relationships you have with your ever faithful friends.

With a never-ending inbox, the temptation to sacrifice downtime can be high, thinking that extra hours on the job will get more done. However, this is counterproductive and according to John Percival of Stanford University, our productivity falls steeply once we work more than 55 hours a week.

Before it gets to the stage where you end up in the divorce court, or wake-up one day to find you are now ‘Billy no mates’, here are three things you can do to preserve yourself and your personal relationships, and have fun:


Being in a relationship with someone for a long time, it can be easy to let the spark fade and take each other for granted. Make time for each other by committing to regular date nights. Schedule time in your busy diaries to do something as a couple. Be adventurous and make it fun. Treat these nights as a priority to protect the sanity of your relationship.


When was the last time you had a weekend away with the girls (or boys)? A time to reconnect with those friends who have been with you through thick and thin. A chance to have fun and a good old laugh.

Fun and play helps to ease stress, is great for your mental and emotional wellbeing, and not only that, it ignites creativity. With creativity comes innovation. This in turn will pay dividends in your professional life.

A word of caution though, as the mature, responsible adult you are now, you may not want to indulge in some of the antics that they did in the movie.


Switching-off completely and spending time alone to self reflect will do you the world of good. Self reflection increases self awareness and with an increased self awareness, it is easier for you to identify solutions to challenges you face and ease stress. It can help you put things into perspective and better understand yourself and your relationship with others.

There is a lot of truth in the adage ‘all work and no play…’. If you want to perform at your optimal and have relationships that thrive, making regular time for yourself and the people you care about should be high on your list.

What will you do to make sure that you make time for yourself and have fun with the people who really matter to you?

Carol Stewart of Abounding Solutions is an Executive, Career and Business Coach who works with introverted women leaders, helping them to excel in their careers and businesses. She also helps organisations to develop the talent pipeline of women so that more of them make it into senior management roles, working with organisations such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales, Local Authorities and others.

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