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Articul8's Terroll Lewis: "I say what I want to say"

UNFILTERED: Articul8's Cassandra Maria and Terroll Lewis

TOPICAL YOUTUBE talk show Articul8 combines unfiltered conversation, unruly behaviour and undeniably entertaining content. Social media star and Block Workout’s Terroll Lewis hosts the show, which also features special guests and thrilling games. The Voice catches up with him to learn more.

Life & Style: How do you tackle topics of controversy?

Terroll Lewis: If I perceive something, I’m not going to change that. People who have followed my journey know that I’m not a filtered person and I say what I want to say, in moderation. As long as it’s not damaging to the young people that are following me then we just deal with it.

L&S: What do viewers learn about your character from the show?

TL: A lot of people see me on social media but they don’t really get to hear me talk or express how I feel about certain things. A lot of people have been glad that we have touched on certain things because it’s brought out a different side of my personality.

L&S: How open have you been when talking on the show?

TL: On the show, we are talking about stuff like depression, which is something that I’ve gone through a lot. We have the banter side of things but have the deep conversations as well. I think with the world we live in today there is a lot of makeup going on. I mean, in terms of what’s being portrayed whether this may be in magazines, films and shows. They make a lot of people think that there’s a certain way to live and it's not real and it's not a reality.

L&S: What’s been your most enjoyable show?

TL: Me personally, I like the deep shows. We filmed a show about suicide and depression and I couldn’t wait for it to get out because I knew it was going to speak to so many people and encourage them globally. I hope that the real conversations like this one can get out there, not for the popularity or the fame, I really want it to touch people.

L&S: What else are you up to now?

TL: At the moment, I am teaming up with a local business called Smoking Bagels in Birmingham where I am going to run [fitness] classes for young people. I’m going to push that through my full-time charity, Block Work Fitness, which I really want to get the community involved with.

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