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Ashley Walters to create TV show based on UK Garage

CREATIVE: Ashley Walters

TOP BOY star and rapper Ashley Walters has revealed plans to develop a new TV show about UK's garage scene.

The former So Solid Crew member is seeking inspiration from the public about his new music venture, requesting his followers to send their favourite memories.

Ashley wrote on Twitter: “I wanna hear memories about the scene - record stores, mad nights out, pirate radio, which of you broke all the rules to be a part of it?”.

Using the online form on his production company - SLNda - website, fans can submit their own memories and experiences of the garage scene to help inspire Walters creative process.

Alongside developing this new show, Walters is busy with multiple ventures. Top Boy will return to screens in 2019 courtesy of Netflix, and he will reprise his starring role in the second series of Sky One’s Bulletproof where he plays a National Crime Agency detective alongside onscreen best friend Noel Clarke.

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