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Athlete overcomes tragedy to fulfil Olympic dream

FAITH: Mellum says he dug deep and trusted God in overcoming setback

ONE KEY thing about life is that we must continually find the courage, strength and determination needed to reach our goals, particularly when we experience tragedies and obstacles which aim to take us off track.

One young man who is a great example on how to overcome life’s difficulties is Bryshon Nellum who recently won a place in the US Olympic team for the 400m.

Although Bryshon came third, the word inspirational doesn’t come near to describing his accomplishment; miraculous is more apt.

Four years ago, Bryshon, an aspiring athlete was walking home from a party when he was shot in both legs by members of a gang driving in a car. From the outside it would appear that this criminal act would have shattered Bryshon’s dreams of becoming a world class athlete, particularly as the doctor’s prognosis following the shooting was not good.

They told him that due to the extent of his injuries he would never ever compete on the world athletic stage. How wrong they were. They never took into account the great strength of the human spirit, coupled with faith in God that enables individuals to reach impossible goals.

Determined to fulfil his desire to be a world class athlete, Bryshon subjected himself to a rigorous training routine, which involved stretching exercises, weight training, daily ice baths and painful muscle kneeding to minimize scar tissue. He admitted that for a while he trained running on just one leg. His determination paid off, because he qualified in a personal best time.

Speaking to NBC Bryshon shared: “It was hard coming back. I just kept my faith in God and took things day by day. I stayed consistent and I stayed dedicated. They say what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. I just feel like whatever happened, happened for a reason. This is a dream come true.”

The Bible is filled with numerous stories of people who God placed dreams in their hearts which others tried to thwart. Joseph had a dream he would be a leader which his brothers tried to stop. David the Shepherd, was told by God he would be King, his adversary King Saul tried to kill him.

In his attempt to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah encountered opposition. However, in all instances, the individuals overcame their difficulties to achieve their God given ambitions.

If God has given you a dream or ambition to fulfil and you are determined to achieve it, nothing can stop you. And the truth is, if a young man can achieve his dream of competing in world class athletics after being shot in both his legs, what’s stopping you from achieving the aspirations God has placed in your heart?

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