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Author to create braille books for blind BME community

THOUGHTFUL: Patrick Phipps with a copy of his novel Twisted Lanes

UK AUTHOR, teacher and entrepreneur Patrick Phipps has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to create braille editions of his first adult fiction novel.

Phipps grew up in east London and struggled with dyslexia in school and battling with the contrasts between what he was told he could achieve versus what he truly knew was possible for him. Through his entrepreneurial flare and creative abilities he has authored three books, become a qualified teacher and assessor teaching Barbering at East Ham College and an owning Cut Above The Rest, a barber shop in east London which has been successfully running for 28 years.

His first published book was Twisted Lanes, an urban, gritty and emotional tale inspired by real life in the streets of east London. Phipps is now on a mission to create a special braille edition of the book for blind and visually impaired adults from black and ethnic minority (BME) groups in the UK to be available via various local public institutions and organisations for free public access. This mission strongly driven by his own battles with dyslexia and a consequential understanding of the importance of accessible reading for all.

Sight advice FAQ reported that over two million people in the UK live with sight loss - that’s around one person in 30. “These statistics are astonishing, and they stand to highlight how marginalised this particular group of readers are,” says Phipps. “The lack of variety for people of all ages, races and cultures to be able to pick up a braille book they would love to read is unacceptable and this needs to change. As well as being a tool of education, books serve to enrich the imaginations of the people reading them.”

Phipps created a GoFundMe campaign to assist in raising the funds required to create the braille editions of ‘Twisted Lanes’, with the aim to raise £3.5k to be able to create a selection of the adult braille editions of Twisted Lanes and to be able to successfully distribute them to the right organisations.

To make a contribution to this GoFundMe campaign visit:

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