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The average bedtime routine for toddlers takes over 90 mins

SLEEP TIME: The average bedtime routine for toddlers takes over 90 mins

BETTER BATHROOMS, the UK's leading independent bathroom retailer, carried out a survey of 2,000 to find out how much time they spend on the bedtime routine of any children under three.

The survey reveals that this process can regularly include giving them a bath, feeding them some milk, and that tried and trusted favourite, reading them a bedtime story. However, on average, Better Bathrooms found that parents take 90 minutes to get their children off to sleep, with 22 minutes on this usually spent reading a bedtime story!

The research found that the longest, most time-consuming part of the whole process, was a tie between story and bath time and 55% of parents say they have missed out on their own dinner because of the time spent putting their child to bed.

Research also shows, 45% of parents say that it takes both of them to get their child off to sleep and 14% of all parents regularly (most if not every night) let their child sleep in their bed.

Speaking on the stats, Colin Stevens, CEO of Better Bathrooms said:

"Every parent knows how challenging it can be to get your kids to sleep when they don't want to, Bath time is an NHS recommended way of helping kids get to sleep and by the time it's over, you might just want to pop in the tub and relax yourself!"

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