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Award-winning charity celebrates 20 diverse years in fashion


THIS YEAR marks the 20th anniversary of FAD, an award winning charity, which has been championing diversity, long before it hit the news headlines.

Its flagship initiative, Fashion Futures calls upon creative young people through its innovative workshops, competitions and specialist careers advice. Over the past 20 years, FAD has worked with over 2,000 volunteers to give 9,600 young people from diverse ethnic, social and economic backgrounds, the skills, support and opportunities they need to overcome obstacles and get ahead. This in turn boosts UK employment and helps to close divide.

FAD CEO Maria Alvarez says FAD strives for a more inclusive fashion industry. “We believe that talented young people should be able to progress and thrive, regardless of their personal circumstances, financial situation or ethnic background,” she adds.

As part of the 20-year celebration and Fashion Future’s process, 20 handpicked 16-19 year old finalists will have their designers hit the runway at London Fashion Week.

The event will showcase designs from the very youngest designers present on the fashion week schedule. All hand selected by judge’s, including high-street veteran Jane Shepherdson, sustainable living activist & founder of Antibad Store Agatha Lintott, Mental Health advocate and influencer Jada Sezer, as well as directors at ASOS & Natwest, pivotal businesses which have been showing their support for several years.

Speaking on the charity, Daisy Boateng, Marketing Director, L’Oreal comments: “It was amazing to see an organisation that believed in us and for once, wanted to push us to be a success in fashion. “Us” being kids from underprivileged backgrounds, from ethnic minorities and diverse upbringings. It helped me meet like-minded and talented individuals and gave me a lot of hope and ambition to continue my future in creative industries”

Grace Wales Bonner, Founder & Creative Director, Wales Bonner says: “Certainly from my own experience, the course opened my eyes to the realms of opportunity within the fashion industry.

"Without projects such as FAD and their nurturing support, this invaluable insight might have otherwise remained lost to me and to so many more young people. On a personal level Fashion Futures gave me the confidence to consider a career in the fashion industry and the insight into how to go about achieving my goals”.

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