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Baby who fell 40ft from window makes full recovery

FALL: Anwar was 11 months old at the time of the fall (Image: Stock image)

A baby who fell 40ft from a window and had his life support machine turned off has made a full recovery.

Anwar Nyanzi was 11 months old when the incident occurred at his aunt’s home. He had climbed up on a chair and onto a windowsill before falling out the window at a block of flats.

As a result of the fall he suffered severe injuries to his brain, spine and neck, as well as multiple broken bones in his ribs, arm and hand.

After he underwent surgery, his family were told that there was only a 1 per cent chance that he would survive, and his life support was switched off.

But to the surprise of the doctors and his family, Anwar began to breathe on his own and was able to stand less than two weeks after his fall.

Anwar, who is now 2 years old, has made a full recovery, despite fears that he might not even survive the fall.

"I went to kiss my son goodbye. I couldn't bear to see him with the wires going into his body.

"It was a horrible experience and I can't explain how felt.

"I was told to prepare for the worst, but now here he is, playing with his toys at home and singing like any other child. It's a miracle,” The Sun reported his mother Hawa Rutansingwa said.

Rutansingwa, who arrived at her sister’s flat when she was told what had happened, said she was told not to look at her son because of the seriousness of his injuries.

She said she never gave up hope that her son would recover as she knew he was a fighter.

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