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BAME businesses unite

SUCCESS: Business Network and Growth London (BNGL)

AT THE Business Network and Growth London (BNGL) event last week, Black and minority ethnic (BAME) community businesses from across a range of sectors including finance, web development, tech, accounting, wealth planning, recruitment, health, e-commerce and coaching met for an evening of referrals, connections and trading of goods and services.

The Networking and Growth event was held on June 6 attracted over 150 businesses, entrepreneurs, technologists, angel investors and business consultants, the largest gathering of its type anywhere in the capital.

“The format of the event is compact, punchy and fast paced, and the quality and range of the exhibitors we’ve chosen reflect the diverse range of the attendees of the event.,” said Tayo Idowu, founder of and a co-organiser of the event.

Noted business growth expert and mentor Asari St Hill of ActionCoach hosted and facilitated the proceeding. The event was also filmed by HMP TV, the highly popular and respected online channel, which produces content for the UK African Caribbean community.

“It was great to come along today and see the hard work of the BNGL team in putting together this wonderful event,” said Asari St Hill. “Through these kinds of events, businesses in particular Black owned businesses have a much needed opportunity to network, increase their contact base, generate leads and referrals as well as learn about growing their business from the themed workshops.”

“At the event, we actively encouraged business to business connections, speaking opportunities, pitching sessions and development of new contacts and leads, said Michelle Fanus, Dynamyk Events, the other event co-organiser.

“During the event attendees were also able to attend free themed workshops on public sector procurement and raising business finance that would easily have cost them hundreds of pounds.

“It was wonderful to see some of London’s most exciting start-up, entrepreneurs and established businesses really getting down to business in this really contemporary City setting,” said Robert Robinson of HMPTV.

“The event is great opportunity for businesses interact, share and collaborate and for exhibitors to show what they can do. It’s certainly something our viewers will be interested in watching and taking inspiration from.”

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