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BAME fitness coach wins ‘Sportswoman of The Year’

AWARDED: Nazia Khatun

NAZIA KHATUN, a Bangladeshi former boxer and fitness specialist has a lot to celebrate. She just won the title for ‘Sportswoman of the Year’ at the 2018 Baton Awards, which celebrates women of BAME background who are pushing the boundaries in all walks of life.

Khatun received her award at The Houses of Parliament last month, and was awarded for helping women gain confidence and self esteem via her fitness programme which uses neuroscience to recreate the way females view them in a society that defines beauty standards.

The way she does this is by speaking to her followers about self love on social media practically every day. Her tag line ‘I am enough’ is practised by her followers from different parts of the world.

The fitness fanatic is no stranger to depression, low self-esteem and self-loathing and it all started whilst she was at college. She found herself comparing herself to her peers, and her appearance became an obsession. Before she knew it, anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders became part of her life and carried on into her twenties.

DETERMINED: Khatun is a former boxer

“Having gone through this journey myself, I discovered there are certain stigmas and negative views out there when people do things by themselves. I want to challenge these views and break down barriers, which I have done via my Instagram platform’ Fitnessrebornuk1’ creating a movement which is called ‘Dating Yourself’,” says Khatun.

“This involves me spending three days all by myself, doing things such as eating alone, going to a museum alone or the movies - even spending a night in a boutique hotel alone and quite simply just enjoying my own company for self- care and mental well- being!’

She adds: “I am not your normal fitness coach. I like to do things differently and stand out from the crowd. I wanted to offer my followers something unique and unorthodox. My method creates sustainable results and gives my clients the drive to go out there and achieve their goals even if it is not related to sports and well-being. I want to show how we can use fitness as a tool to create a strong future.

Being a former boxer Nazia also feels it’s her responsibility to be a role model by educating people from her own background and beyond. She wants people to understand the impact sports has had on her in the most positive way but also discuss sensitive topics and challenge ideas rather than brushing them under the carpet.

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