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Barack Obama busts a move with his grandmother in Kenya

OBAMA: Barack isn't afraid to bust a move

BARACK OBAMA is living his best life post politics.

The former US president has been visiting Kenya, the birthplace of his father, and the trip has produced its fair share of memorable moments.

Obama’s past antics have helped him become a regular on the meme circuit. Who can forget the Obama-Biden bromance or the White House Correspondents Dinner mike drop – and despite having left office more than a year ago, America’s first black president is still a popular choice among meme users.

The former president’s latest moves (literally) are bringing the internet joy this week, something that’s always welcome online.

Not one to keep all the fun to himself, the 44th president of the United States brought his 96-year-old step grandmother, Sarah, up to join him.

The brief dance which took place as the 56-year-old attended the launch of a sports, training and vocational centre set up by his half-sister Auma was caught on camera and has been a hit across the internet.

The trip was Obama’s first to Kenya since he left office in January 2017 after an historic two-term presidency.

Obama hasn’t just been in Africa to have a good time. He also headed to South Africa to deliver the annual Mandela lecture. Many have deemed his speech the most significant since he left office.

In it he warned against strongman politics and the dangers of disregarding factual information.

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