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Barbados elections: island gets its first female PM

ELECTIONS: Mia Mottley has become Barbados' first female prime minister

THE BARBADOS Labour Party (BLP) has won a landslide victory in the country’s elections.

The new government will be led by Mia Mottley, the country’s first female prime minister.

Democratic Labour Party leader Freundel Stuart, the outgoing prime minister who ran against Mottley, conceded defeat.

The 52-year-old prime minister-designate delivered her victory speech around 4am (AST).

She said that it was a time to unite the country and take it forward and expressed that she was determined to keep the BLP’s campaign promises.

The election results have been announced on what is pay day for a lot of the island’s residents.

Referencing this, Mottley said she wanted to give Barbadians a “thanksgiving celebration”.

Speaking before the results, Stuart said he thought Barbados had a good election.

“Yes people expressed themselves vigorously and took up very strong positions on behalf of the political party they support but it never transcended the perimeters of decency. All the parties conducted themselves I thought properly and that’s good for our democracy.”

He added: “We are optimistic that we can pull it off but when all is said and done it is the voters that are going to decide and as good democrats we will accept whatever the result is but we are optimistic that we will pull it off.”

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