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BBC series reveals boxer’s toughest fight

TRUTH: Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter (right)

THE LIFE and times of legendary boxer Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter is the subject of a new BBC podcast and radio series.

The Hurricane Tapes investigates the brutal triple murder of three people in a New Jersey bar in 1966 for which Carter was twice convicted and twice released.

Throughout his 18 years of imprisonment he insisted he had been framed by a corrupt and racist police force.

With the help of 40 hours of unheard recordings with Carter himself, The Hurricane Tapes details the fight by the boxer to clear his name and chases the truth of what happened on that infamous night.

In this new podcast and radio series, people involved in the case are featured. Listeners hear from everyone from John Artis, who was convicted of the murders alongside Carter, to the cops and detectives who put them away and the judge who overturned their guilty verdicts. And, from Carter himself too.

Carter died in 2014 but two BBC journalists have gained access to 40 hours’ worth of audio recordings that he made. The revelations in these old fashioned cassette tapes have never been heard before.

More than 50 years on, The Hurricane Tapes will hear from those caught up in one of the most contentious court cases in America and seek the truth of what happened that night inside the Lafayette Bar and Grill.


Carter’s career record was 27 wins, 12 losses, and one draw in 40 fights, with 19 total knockouts (8 KOs and 11 TKOs). Episodes one and two of the podcast will be released on January 14 and the series will continue with one episode per week from then on, and it also starts on air on BBC World Service on January 19.

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