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Be clear on cancer call out

Be Clear on Cancer

AS PART of Public Health England’s latest Be Clear on Cancer campaign, it is looking for African/Caribbean kidney and bladder cancer survivors willing to share their story in support of a national campaign to raise awareness of one of the signs of these cancers – blood in urine.

If you were diagnosed with bladder or kidney cancer when you were aged 50 or over, noticed blood in your urine and are willing to tell your story, Public Health England want to hear from you.

Your story is important in encouraging others to visit their GP straight away if they notice symptoms such as blood in their urine even just the once.

There is often a strong fear of cancer, and a perception that cancer is an incurable disease but we want to share positive stories of survivors who have sought medical advice early and continue to lead a healthy life.

The ideal case study would meet the following criteria:

- Aged 50 or over when diagnosed with bladder or kidney cancer
- Have been treated successfully and have a good outlook
- Had blood in their urine and went to their GP
- Had a good experience/treatment with NHS

For those diagnosed at the earliest stage (stage 1), the likelihood of surviving five years or more can be as high as 84% for kidney cancer and 77% for bladder cancer.

However, for those diagnosed at a late stage (stage 4), survival is as low as only 10% for kidney cancer and 9% for bladder cancer.

If you're interested in taking part in the campaign, please contact Kreshany Manoharajah on 07415 730 881

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