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Beauty model defends Kim K's makeup line & lack of diversity


KIM KARDASHIAN has received criticism for the lack of of shade ranges for deeper skin tones for her new line of concealers.

The reality star announced the launch of her concealers on Instagram, complete with a photoshoot which included models of various races and ages.

Despite what seems to be a diverse advertising, those on social media noticed that most of the 16 shades featured in the concealer line are mainly catered to lighter skin tones, with some labelling it “disrespectful”.

One commentator said: "I’m not being funny yh but is this what KKW Beauty calls a diverse shade range? It’s literally so many variations of tan then some next jumps to brown"

Another said: "“She's just using her in her campaign to pretend that she's diverse but then not actually providing makeup in shades for people like her to wear."

However, one of the models featured in the KKW campaign has now responded to the criticism.

A post shared by KKWBEAUTY (@kkwbeauty) on

PICTURED: Mouna Fadiga for KKW Beauty

Mouna Fadiga took to Instagram saying: ‘I can tell you that they did not choose me only to pretend; I had the makeup on and It fits perfectly my skin colour.

‘I am not wearing any makeup usually so I know when I have it on if it’s good or not and here it was the case, I even kept it on me and went to have dinner with a friend.’

Neither Kim nor KKW Beauty have responded to the criticisms about her concealer line

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