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Belgium's Romelu Lukaku opens up about 'broke' upbringing

FROM STRUGGLING TO STARDOM: Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku is currently in Russia for the World Cup

BELGIUM STRIKER Romelu Lukaku has revealed how his family struggled financially during his childhood and the surprising purchase he made once he signed his first pro football contract.

Lukaku, whose parents are Congolese, said his family used to be broke.

Writing in the Player’s Tribune, he recounted witnessing his mum, Adolphine, add water to milk to make it last longer.

He said: “We were broke. Not just poor, but broke.”

The 25-year-old’s life took turned a corner when he signed a pro contract with Anderlecht on his 16th birthday.

He took the opportunity to treat himself, but in contrast to the splurges that footballers are known for, Lukaku’s first purchase post signing was considerably modest in comparison.

He said: "I signed my pro contract with Anderlecht on my birthday, May 13.

"Went straight out and bought the new Fifa and a cable package.

"It was already the end of the season, so I was at home chilling."

Lukaku’s father had been a pro footballer but the money he earned throughout his career did not last.

"My father had been a pro footballer, but he was at the end of his career and the money was all gone.

"The first thing to go was the cable TV. No more football. No more Match of the Day. No signal.

"Then I’d come home at night and the lights would be shut off. No electricity for two, three weeks at a time.

Consistent electricity was not the only thing Lukaku lacked access to, access to hot water was also scarce.

"Then I’d want to take a bath, and there would be no hot water. My mum would heat up a kettle on the stove, and I’d stand in the shower splashing the warm water on top of my head with a cup,” he said.

Today, Lukaku earns around £4.7 million a year playing for Manchester United.

Lukaku, who is currently in Russia playing Belgium in the World Cup, has come a long way since the struggles of his childhood.

He still appears to be a fan of the FIFA video game, posting an image of it on his Instagram in 2016, and also now appears as one of the players in the game.

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