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Big Narstie brings the bass


OVER the last decade, Big Narstie has carved out a reputation for being just as talented, as he is outrageously humorous and charismatic.

Surpassing the boundaries of music, the MC is revered as an internet personality with his parody, agony aunt-type Youtube series entitled Uncle Pain.

Just last month, the Brixton-born rapper released his very own retro-style game entitled Base Invaders which has gone on to top the UK itunes Top Paid IPhone Apps Chart. Of this latest venture, he told Life &

“I wanted something that had a nostalgic vibe. I grew up on games like Auto Beast. If you tell an eight-year-old kid today about Sega Mega Drive – he’d be lost!

“I’m 30 now. Any one over the age of 20 who knows about Super Mario? This is gonna rock your world”.

True to Narstie’s daring disposition, the aim of the game is to outrun the police by avoiding obstacles and jumping on moving platforms, while using the all important spliff as his main weapon for anything that stands in the way. Creative. The BDL Skank performer explained:

“Basically, I flipped Super Mario with a Rasta twist and added bare bass to it. It’s a bit tongue in cheek and it’s like sticking it to the Government because people see weed as a hippy drug and all the nonsense that I’ve seen going around it, like putting it up to a Class B drug. I thought that this would be really funny.

“It’s a game though, it’s not that deep”. He adds:

“I haven’t seen anyone looking to go and attack the police based on playing my game. If this was the case, I think Grand Theft Auto would’ve beat me to it”.

Family, followers and fans of Big Narstie know that he is fond of the herb and as such, the concept of the game isn’t surprising. This is exactly the kind of effect that the artist, real name Tyrone Lindo, wanted to have though.

“I’m a weed smoker. So, when it came to Base Invaders, I was like you have to embrace what you are, you get what I mean?”

Furthermore, he is unconcerned about the game’s potential ramifications on his career, in its vilification of the armed forces albeit in a fictional context. Narstie insists:

“I’m already stigmatised. When you look at me, big black guy with a spliff, chains around his neck, you’ve already made your opinion of me anyway”.

Narstie breaks into a proud grin when the topic switches to his eighteen month old daughter and hastens to show a picture of her on his phone, saying:

“She’s my princess. Being a father has made me softer, less selfish and I needed that. I have a life that depends on me now.

“The most important thing is she’s alright. Where I used to do mad things like go on a spontaneous holiday, I now think ‘nah, I’ll save’ and think of her future. Private school. It’s kept me more focused plus remember, it’s a fast business”.

By simply being himself, Narstie has managed to build a personal brand and cultivate a loyal following who he affectionately dubs ‘BDL’ [Base Defence League].

It has long been argued that the 'Hello Hi' rapper brings about a balance to an industry which can often focus on harsh realities of disenfranchised, inner city youth. He says:

“With the grime scene, I’ve made it more fun.

“It’s not so hard faced no more – everyone standing up in the corner and screwing up their face. You’re allowed to dance and have fun. A lot of people don’t do music like that because they’re afraid of how it’s gonna make them look. We’ve all got problems but we’ve all had fun times too”.

In spite of his celebrity status and widespread success, Lindo still views himself as a “common person, who moves common” and is content in doing so.

Hot off the heels of his gold certified collaboration with Craig David on 'When the Bassline Drops', Big Narstie is currently promoting new single 'BDL Skank' featuring Dancehall Don Dada Supercat and his ‘Uncle Pain’ DVD.

Having released a string of acclaimed EPs and mixtapes, Narstie is also putting the finishing touches on
his first album 'BDL: This is England', which is slated to feature Ed Sheeran, Robbie Williams and Section Boyz.

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