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Big Narstie encourages teens to exercise to tackle stress

EXERCISING TO COMBAT STRESS: Big Narstie working out alongside teens

SEVENTY-FIVE per cent of teens say revision and exams are the biggest contributors to their anxiety and stress, with three quarters (73 per cent) of parents saying their child has told them they feel stressed during their exam period.

Research by The Gym Group surveyed teens aged between 16-18 and their parents. It found that four in five (80 per cent) parents believe that exercise is the best way for their teens to relieve exam stress, with the majority of those cited (70 per cent) actively encouraging their kids to exercise during the exam period.

Despite this, only seven per cent of teens actually do more exercise when studying and taking exams, citing the cost of a gym membership and the feeling of being intimidated going into a gym as the key reasons. Ten per cent of teens would exercise more if their friends did.

To get teens moving this summer The Gym Group has enlisted the help of grime artist and TV personality Big Narstie, who in a series of humorous videos is seen working out alongside teens and chatting to them about what motivates them to workout.
Big Narstie comments: "When I feel stressed I take my stress out on the punching bags. It helps calm me, keeps me focussed and gets me back on track.”

It's not only teens who find the exam period difficult to cope with. Fifteen per cent of parents find their kids’ exams considerably more stressful than their own jobs, with their biggest concerns being that their kids mental health will suffer as a result of exam anxiety (58 per cent); and that their kids are losing sleep with exam worry (48 per cent).

Looking at the teens who were surveyed, 80 per cent believe that exercise helps to overcome feelings of stress and that regular exercise during exams can improve confidence, help them relax and make them feel better both mentally and physically.

Encouragingly, today’s teens are more likely to exercise than turn to social media when feeling stressed and anxious.

The Gym Group have also announced their free six-week membership which will be available to all 16-18-year olds across the nation to help them combat the stresses of exam season during June.

A total of 2,000 people was surveyed via OnePoll from May 1 to May 15. Those surveyed included 1,000 parents and their child who is aged between 16-18, in full time education and has exams this year and/or has experienced exam period.

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